Business rate

Business groups

  • Meeting room
  • Central location
  • Catering service

Athletic group rate

Athletic groups

  • Rooms with 1 or 2 beds
  • Courtesy lounge with TV where the day's performances can be watched (USB, VGA and HDMI ports available)
  • Pre-match meals adapted to the athletes' needs
  • Free storage room for sports equipment
  • Free parking for the bus

Art and culture rate

Arts and entertainment groups

  • In the heart of the city's downtown
  • Walking distance from all the theatres and exhibit galleries
  • Catering service available in the rooms or the Best Western Pplus Hotel Albert's courtesy lounge until 3 am (reservation required)
  • Free parking
  • Free late checkout until 2 pm (some conditions apply)

Preferential rates for 10 rooms and more

Social events

  • Room rental
  • Personalized catering service
  • Bar service
  • Audio-visual equipment rental
  • Skilled event organizers